The St. Thomas More Society is most noted for its annual sponsorship of the Red Mass, a centuries-old tradition whereby the guidance and blessing of the Holy Spirit are invoked upon the work of justice in the society. As a universal prayer, the Red Mass has been attended by monarchs, by the judges and justices of the highest courts, by legislators at all levels, by diplomats, professors of the law, and by legal professionals, regardless of their religious background or political ideologies.

The community's lawyers, judges, lawmakers and other public officials of all religious faiths gather together at the Red Mass to ask God for wisdom and guidance in the pursuit of justice.

The Red Mass originated in medieval England at the time of Kind Edward I, when the Twelve Judges of the High Court attended Mass as a group on the opening day of the judicial calendar. The Harrisburg Red Mass is the cornerstone event of the Society.

Our next Red Mass is scheduled for Monday, October 1, 2018 at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, 212 State Street, in Harrisburg. Please click here for more information.