The Saint Thomas More Society of Central Pennsylvania was established in 1990 by a group of devout Catholic lawyers led by Judge Genevieve Blatt, the first female Commonwealth Court judge and the first woman ever elected to statewide office in Pennsylvania (as Secretary of Internal Affairs in 1954). This group included Father Kevin C. Rhoades, a young Catholic priest who served as the fledgling group's spiritual advisor. In 2004 Father Rhoades became Bishop Rhoades of the Diocese of Harrisburg. In 2010 Bishop Rhoades became the 9th Bishop of the Diocese of Fort Wayne – South Bend, Indiana.

The purpose of the society is:
  1. To promote the spiritual and intellectual welfare of its members
  2. To promote the study of the application of Christian principles to modern problems
  3. To promote the study of the principles of the Catholic Church relating to moral and legal problems encountered in the practice of law
  4. To promote the study of Canon Law by Catholic lawyers
  5. To provide assistance to all interested members of the clergy on moral problems confronting the practicing lawyer and on matters of statewide and national importance
  6. To acquaint its members, law students and the public about the inspiring life and ideals of Saint Thomas More.